VP Landbouw

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Standing for Environmental, Social and Governance, ESG is used to assess a company’s overall level of sustainability.

Findings from VP Landbouw’s yearly reviews are published in an ESG report, which examines how well ESG concerns are being integrated as part of the company’s overall policy. A high ESG score is a reflection of having long-term goals, vigorous policies, showing both progress and good governance. With this report, we hope to prove our commitment towards becoming a more sustainable and future-proof agricultural company.

  • On the Environmental front, VP Landbouw stepped up to a 4 (out of 5). Livestock are living longer, pesticide use is decreasing, and investments are being made in sustainable technologies. While vegetable cultivation is not organic, raw materials are being handled efficiently. This is one of the reasons why Unilever consider us one of their Landmark Farms.
  • In Social terms, the greatest potential for improvement lay in increasing animal welfare through outdoor grazing Therefore, in 2022, partial outdoor grazing was implemented.
  • In terms of Governance, we are performing well. We take part in many different monitoring initiatives. The next step is to improve our Vreugdenhil score.

These ESG factors have a significant impact on a company’s long-term risks and financial strength. Those who apply ESG standards tend to be more conscientious, prone to fewer risks and more likely to succeed in the long term.