VP Landbouw

Agrifood Impact score

The ESG score is more explicitly brought into balance by our actual contribution towards solving social or environmental concerns. The impact score, meanwhile, is measured based on our observed degree of contribution towards solving key challenges. These challenges and possible solutions were drawn up by Sinzer for each of VP Capital’s individual investment domains.

The key challenges for the agrifood sector (which includes VP Landbouw) are:

  • Working within planetary boundaries
  • Establishing an adaptive and resilient food system
  • Ensuring prosperity and wellbeing for everyone within the food chain
  • Access to nutritious food for all

For VP Capital, investable solutions to these challenges within the agrifood sector (which includes VP Landbouw) include:

  • Transitional capital for conventional farmers wishing to switch towards regenerative/holistic farming methods or agroforestry
  • Technology that can demonstrate improvements in soil biology, local biodiversity, reduced chemical input and food waste
  • Consultants for regenerative and sustainable agriculture
  • Producers of regenerative/biological input
  • Marketing channels focusing on purchasing goods from sustainable farmers

By transitioning towards a more regenerative approach, we are taking on and providing solutions for a number of key challenges.

More information our methods and results can be read in our Progress Report.