Sustainable agriculture

VP Landbouw’s story began in 1941. With the temporary closure of his family’s textile factories, Eduard van Puijenbroek founded an agricultural company in Gorp in order to keep his workers employed during the Second World War.  

To this day, VP Landbouw remains a mixed agricultural company, active in both arable and dairy farming. Throughout its history, it has stayed true to its core values of sustainability, animal welfare and care for the planet.

In recent years, we have shifted our focus more towards sustainable agricultural practises, piecing together a new mission with a well thought-out manifesto. Having designed a roadmap for the future, we have partnered up with Metabolic, Soil Heroes, Wageningen University, KoeKompas and MJ Hudson. On top of that, shareholder VP Capital is actively contributing to this exercise, both in terms of knowledge and financial resources.

VP Landbouw


circular agriculture VP Landbouw

The company’s strength lies in how it combines both its arable and dairy farming. All the grass, maize and field beans used to feed our cows are grown within our very own fields. By producing our own cow feed in this way, we are less dependent on soya imported from halfway across the globe. Conversely, the manure produced by our cows is then used to help grow our vegetable crops.

Today in arable farming, we are witnessing an increase in the adoption of more integrated approaches to farm management.

This is seeing arable farming becoming increasingly extensive and diverse, thereby reducing our dependence on artificial fertilisers and pesticides.
Besides producing our own cow feed, our arable farming plan also accounts for more marketable crops, such as sugar beet, potatoes and other vegetables (spinach, peas, carrots and beans).